Jeff Zato    

Born in a plywood shack in the Louisiana Bayou to an alligator hunter father and a voodoo priestess mother, Jeff Zato was forced at the age of ten to take over the care of his eight younger siblings when both parents were killed in a freak manatee accident. Zato knew that to survive it would be necessary to learn how to communicate with reptiles... Wait. No. This was a recurring dream. Reset...

Jeff Zato was born in 1964 on the East Coast in the traditional way to typical parents. He had an average childhood, an uneventful adolescence, ho-hum college years, and to this point a boring adulthood. Certainly nothing to write about. But he always dreamed of big adventure. His stories are his way of living those adventures.

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  EFL Professional football is cracking down on Performance Enhancing Drugs. A new league is formed, the Enhanced Football League (EFL), where drugs are not only condoned, they’re encouraged. Two brothers, both athletes, take divergent paths through this new world of hall-of-fame chemists, freak players, rogue corporations, and bad dudes, navigating it with an eclectic band of family and friends, leading to love, loss and eventual redemption.